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2015 Fall Appeal – DONATE NOW

During the past 22 years, the District 39 Educational Foundation has been a critical part of the strong community and rich educational experiences here in Wilmette. Thanks to the help of our donors, we work with our schools to provide funds for programs and materials that are not covered by tax dollars.

The cornerstone of this work has been our Gripp Grant program. Through these grants, over one million dollars have been awarded to the schools and have launched programs that make the Wilmette experience unique on the North Shore including:

• An outdoor classroom/garden at every school
• Cutting-edge technology in the classroom
• State-of-the-art science labs for WJHS
• Classroom furniture and dynamic workspaces to facilitate 21st century learning at every grade level
• Innovative educational materials designed to foster differentiated instruction for all learners
• Master classes in the fine arts • Professional development opportunities for our incredible faculty
• And a three-year research project studying the dichotomy between boys and girls in higher-level math instruction

In the last year, we have awarded $25,000 to fund grants at 5 of our 6 schools and are thrilled about the possibilities ahead in this academic year.

Our impact in the Wilmette community extends beyond the Gripp Grant program.

The Educational Foundation provides additional programming to engage our students in the arts and sciences outside of the classroom through our Sam Mikaelian Fine Arts Fund and our ever-popular Science Olympiad Program, supported entirely by community volunteers.

The work done by the District 39 Educational Foundation each year is completely supported through private donations. We cannot keep our schools innovative and continue to create inspiring experiences for our students without YOU.

We hope you will help Ideas Take Flight with a gift to the District 39 Educational Foundation this year.


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