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Caring, kindness, and peace exude from Alec Childress. He has been Central’s beloved crossing guard since June 2008. He communicates with the kids through a peace sign and a gentle, “I’ve got you” as he puts himself in harm’s way with vehicles barreling down Lake Ave.  He’s out there rain or shine, heat and extreme cold.  He doesn’t need this job, he could be home tending to his amazing automobile collection.  He does this job for the love of his corner. People young and old are his favorite part of the job. In his view, “the love and kindness that everyone shows” is what makes District 39 unique. People see Alec as family. In fact, when Alec’s 104-year old mother passed away, some Central School parents attended her funeral. Alec feels divinely blessed to be named an Every Day Hero. Next time you drive down Lake Avenue at school start or end time, slow down and give Alec a friendly wave. He’s sure to wave and smile back!