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Learn more about Mr. Estrada

If you’ve been to the WJHS cafeteria anytime in the past 10 years, you may likely have seen Fabian Estrada working to ensure the cafe runs smoothly. As a cook there he’s been able to tap into his prior years of cooking experience at New Trier West, and restaurants in Deerfield and Chicago. He is quick to point out that what he does is a team effort with the other WJHS cafeteria staff. He really enjoys the freedom he’s given to make healthy foods that kids want to eat — food from scratch with natural ingredients. “If a kid gives me a compliment it makes it all worth it,” he says. But don’t try to get his recipes from him. They are a secret! A nice surprise for WJHS students is that they will have Mr. Estrada as a familiar face at New Trier when they graduate to 9th grade. After a full day at Highcrest, he travels to New Trier’s Northfield campus for his custodial job there.  Mr. Estrada is very humbled about being named an Every Day Hero. “It caught me off guard. It’s very unexpected,” he told us.