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Kathleen Peth has contributed to District 39 in many ways – as a favorite Central school PE teacher, a former PE teacher at Harper and Romona, a WEA representative, an Outdoor Ed chaperone, and the founder of Central School’s Mileage Club. No matter what she does she is in it for the kids. “I love seeing them every day and watching how their passion, sportsmanship, teamwork and abilities grow from Kindergarten through 4th grade.” The Mileage Club is an amazing lunch/recess fitness program that has been very successful in many ways.  Students who weren’t able to find an outlet at recess now have an activity they can do alone or with others. The program allows children to walk or run as many miles as they can over the course of the school year. Students set goals for themselves and are recognized for their efforts. Some have even completed multiple marathons with Ms. Peth cheering them on throughout.  She enjoys the uniqueness of D39’s sense of community with all the teachers, parents and administrators working together for the good of the students to develop, implement, and evaluate the curriculum to best meet student needs. Always a crowdpleaser at the annual Central Halloween parade, she has worn a slew of creative costumes like Frankenstein, The Cowardly Lion, a slot machine and an emoji! When asked how she feels about being named an Every Day Hero, Ms. Peth admits she “was shocked and is very honored and overwhelmed”.