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A 15-year veteran of District 39, Lynn Bocinsky is currently a PE teacher and WJHS Dance Team coach.  She founded the team 12 years ago spurred by her gymnastics, dance and cheerleading passion that started in her youth and bloomed as a college student at DePaul where she then coached the team while she served as an adjunct professor in the education department. Beloved “Ms. Bo” is a more than a teacher.  One former student even called her “a mom while I’m at school.”  Ms. Bo wakes up every day looking forward to the time she spends with students.  “I love the interactions with the kids.  Kids are very different from day to day at junior high – there is never a dull moment!”  When asked what the Every Day Hero award means to her she said, “The fact that someone thought I deserve this award is amazing.  You know that the kids are appreciative, but the fact the appreciation reached past that is unbelievable.  That it reached all the way to the foundation is amazing.”