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Anne Clark has been a Learning Behavior Specialist at Harper School since 2013.  She loves what she does so much that she is at work by 6:30am most mornings ready for the day to start.  Many students know Ms. Clark as the teacher who introduced them to Superflex, Space Invader, Grump Grumpaniny, Mean Jean, and other Superflex super heroes as they study social behavior strategies for self-regulation.  She says “The students are constantly challenging me to be my best and keep learning.”  She is grateful to work with extraordinary staff willing to do whatever it takes for the students.  After receiving the award, Ms. Clark said, “There have been times this year, in my 7th year as a special education teacher that I wonder if trying something different or making the extra effort is worth it and this award is such a resounding yes!  I hope I can pass on the feeling and continue to build up my co-workers and others in the community who are going above and beyond!”