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Trivia Night

Trivia Night 2019

For the 7th year of Trivia Night, we changed up a lot, but made sure the fun was amped up as well! A new location at St. Joseph School created a different atmosphere. Sporcle Trivia Master and Jeopardy Champion Seth Wilson led the 19 teams through new types of trivia rounds requiring point wagering and strategy. We even added a Super Bowl Squares game to our raffle and Heads or Tails game for added fun and fundraising. The evening ended with a time for dancing and socializing so teams could mingle.

Congrats to Team Livin’ On A Square for their victory over the pack in the last trivia round!

Team Soymates – The women on the team

Soymates won Best In Show with fabulous costumes and table decor!

Soymates – The men on the team








We’re Not Smart – We’re Mario Kart!

Blinded By The Bright








Too Many Cooks In The Kitchen

Trivia Night 2018

Trivia Night 2018 was a fabulous success as a Foundation fundraiser and a night of fun for those attending! Costumes were clever, questions were tricky, raffle prizes were fantastic, and the new photo booth was a hit.

Soymates – The Women on the Team

The Nineinsteins

We learned that we are not all smarter than 5th graders. This year’s spelling bee round was a challenging way to earn team points.  As usual the Heads or Tails game, raffles and this year’s live auction all added to the evening’s excitement and fun!

Congrats to the I Like Pig Butts and I Cannot Lie team for their tie-breaker victory over the Very Stable Geniuses!








Trivia Night 2017

Saturday, February 4th at the Masonic Lodge in Wilmette was the place to be!  More than 200 excited trivia fans and friends assembled dressed to match their teams’ themes.

Competition was intense as Another Brick in the Wall, Masonic Monsters of the Midway, Trivia Newton John, Cards Against Humanity, and Never Mind the Trivia teams wracked their brains on a wide variety of trivia.

The winner of the 5th Annual Trivia Night was decided after the auction rounds which vaulted Parents Against Humanity to firstplace.

Natasha Miller answers a question from celebrity host Michael Huff as emcee Tom Baer looks on

The Breakfast Club enjoyed their spot in the limelight winning “Best in Show” for their imaginative theme and clever costumes.

Proceeds from this fundraiser support the Foundation’s Gripp Grant program funding educational programs, equipment, technology, and experiences not covered by school district budgets.  Thank you to everyone who participated in Trivia Night 2017.

Team Dropped Pins included Matt & Sara Winstanley, Joe & Sarah Donlan, Bert and Sara Brahm, Michael & Andrea Taylor, and
Matt & Allison Singer

Dead Celebrities 2016 were played by Katherine & Greg Byrnes, Karen & Don Holmberg, Pat & Liz O’Toole, Kandy O’Connor, Meagan Carmichael, and Scott & Sally Pofcher