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Gripp Grants

What are Gripp Grants?

The District 39 Educational Foundation grants funds for innovative educational programs, experiences, and technologies that expand, enrich, and complement the schools’ curricula. Grant applications are welcomed from anyone – teachers, staff, parents and students in District 39 – or any organization that makes a proposal consistent with the mission of the Foundation. Our grant program is named in memory of D39 teacher and founding Foundation Board Trustee Phyllis Gripp.

Why does the Foundation offer these Grants?

Recognizing the District 39 planning and budgeting schedule, the Gripp Grant program provides funding opportunities for innovative programs. Teachers, staff, parents, and community members may apply for grants to support these programs that are not included in D39 Budgets that would enhance, enrich, and inspire curriculum and classroom experiences. The Gripp Grant program provides our D39 community the opportunity to take risks through piloting “out of the box” education practices that exceed our tax-dollars alone.

What types of Grants are Available?

Please note that the D39 Foundation does not fund Professional Development opportunities and those inquiries should go directly to the D39 Administration.

What are the Application Deadlines?

Grant applications are reviewed two times a year by the Recommendations Gripp Grant Committee (RGGC), which includes District 39 teachers (representing each school building as well as various grade levels and areas of curriculum), Foundation trustees, and community members. Grant deadlines for the upcoming school year will be October 26, 2018 and March 8, 2019.  Teachers and other applicants are encouraged to talk with the administrator for each building, who can connect applicants with the building Gripp Grant liaison. Questions? Leave a message at 847-853-3939 or email us at grippgrant@d39foundation.org

Recent Gripp Grant Awards

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