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Application Process

Step 1: Download and complete the appropriate application

Seedling Grants – Awarded to applicants in amounts up to $500. Applicants can download the Seedling Application or fill out the on-line application.

Master Grants – Awarded to applicants in amounts over $500. Applicants can download the Master Application  or fill out the on-line application.

Encore Grants – Awarded to enhance or replicate Foundation-funded projects that have been successful elsewhere in District 39. Applicants can download the Encore Application  or fill out the on-line application.

Please note that the D39 Foundation does not fund Professional Development opportunities and those inquiries should go directly to the D39 Administration.

The Foundation does not provide funding for programs or events that have already been funded by the applicant(s) and or 3rd parties. The Foundation does not retroactively fund programs or events which occur before or on the day of the Board of Trustees meeting where GRIPP Grant funding recommendations are considered.

Step 2: Submit your completed application by the end of the business day on the stated deadlines

For the 2019-20 school year, the grant application deadlines are November 8, 2019 and March 6, 2020.

Option 1: Fill out the on-line application and submit directly to us.
It will be sent to D39 Foundation when you hit the Submit button. Application must include your principal’s signature which you can email as a PDF to grippgrant@d39foundation.org or send via a hard copy to the Foundation mailbox at the MEC.  You will receive an email copy of your submission right after you send it.

Option 2: Send electronic copy (PDF or Word.doc) to: grippgrant@d39foundation.org. Application must include your principal’s signature which you can include in your electronic copy or send via a hard copy to the Foundation mailbox at the MEC.

Option 3: Print out the application PDF, complete it, have your principal sign it, and send a hard copy to:

D39 Educational Foundation
Mikaelian Education Center
615 Locust Road
Wilmette, IL 60091

Step 3: Grant applications reviewed

Following the submission deadline for each of the two grant cycles per school year and typically within a week of the deadline, the Recommendations Gripp Grant Committee (RGGC) meets to review each application and make its funding recommendations to the Foundation Board of Trustees at the following regularly scheduled board meeting.
RGGC meeting dates are typically scheduled one week after the deadline date.

Step 4: RGGC funding recommendations voted on at the Board of Trustees meeting

RGGC’s funding recommendations are made at the Foundation’s Board of Trustees meeting and the vote occurs. For the 2019-2020 school-year, the votes will take place at the board meetings on November 19, 2019 and March 18, 2020.

Step 5: Applicants notified of the funding decision

Applicants will be notified of the funding decision with regard to their application the day following the Board of Trustees meeting, unless that day falls when school is not in session, in which case the date will shift to the next day school is in session.

Step 6: If you are a Gripp Grant awardee

Congratulations! Once a grant has been awarded, many items, especially technology or equipment, should be purchased through the District 39 Business Office in the MEC to obtain educator pricing.

Please put your name and “D39 Foundation Gripp Grant” on any district purchase orders related to your grant. (download a District 39 purchase order).

Other purchases will need a tax-exempt letter (the foundation cannot reimburse for state sales tax; download Tax Exempt letter) and should be submitted to the Foundation office at the MEC for reimbursement (download Gripp Grant reimbursement form), according to the terms and amount of the specific Gripp Grant.

All grant funds are to be spent within one year of the award date.

Step 7: Submit the Grant Evaluation form within 6 months of the date funding was granted.

All Gripp Grant recipients are also required to submit a Grant Evaluation (download Grant Evaluation Form) to report on the grant’s progress. We welcome photos, testimonials and all feedback to keep the foundation posted as the project unfolds! Feedback helps the Grant Committee evaluate future grants.