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2019-2020 LAB39 Class Schedule

WELCOME TO LAB39          

(formerly Science Olympiad)

  • Open to all HMS and WJHS students.
  • Eight weeks of classes, beginning December 4, 2019 and continuing through February 6, 2020 (no classes over Winter Break).
  • Taught by volunteer experts from our community.
  • Class sizes are limited and fill quickly






TO REGISTER:  http://www.d39foundation.org/making-impact/science-olympiad/registration/


Wednesday 4-5pm, WJHS

Sports Physiology                             Liesel Brown

Want to jump higher and run faster? In this class, you will learn how your body works and functions, and how you can improve your overall health and sports performance.

Crave the Wave                                Chris Oh

Why is the sky blue? How do you locate an earthquake? Why do tsunami waves grow as they approach shore? How is the F-22 Raptor invisible to radar? In this class you will study all aspects of wave behavior.

Mystery Architecture                       Emily Mackie & Mhairi Phillips

In this class, you will work together to creatively design and build a unique structure that solves a problem and meets a community need.  Last year’s class built a mobile shelter for the homeless!



Thursday 6-7pm, WJHS

Matter Matters                                 James Lane

Steel, concrete, plastic, rubber, wood, glass…. Everything is made of a material. In this class, you will see how stuff is put together and used, and how it can be changed to do new amazing things.

Do the Cube                                       Richard Lee & Jerich Lee

Do you like to solve puzzles? In this class, you will learn algorithms and tips to help solve Rubik’s Cube, the world-famous 3D puzzle game.

HUMAnatomy                                  Alma Arslanagic

Did you know that the tongue is the strongest muscle in the human body? In this class, you will learn about body systems, including the structure of the parts, what they do, and how they work together.



Thursday 7-8pm, WJHS

Circuit City                                       Christopher Wieczorek

In this shocking class, you will learn about the power of electricity, currents and conductors while building different types of circuits.

Aerodynamics                                   Greg Mayer & Tony Asghari

Ever wondered how the shape of an airplane’s wings affects its ability to fly?  Learn about how things fly as you build models that test the four forces of flight.



We are still hoping to recruit more parent volunteers to teach classes!
Do you love science? Do you love working with kids?  Then WE NEED YOU!  Please consider volunteering to teach a LAB39 course for the D39 Educational Foundation!  All instructors will receive one free class for a student in their household as a small token of appreciation for their time. 
If interested, please complete this survey to indicate which courses might be of interest to you, and what days/times you are available.