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Welcome to 2018-2019 Science Olympiad Course Registration

The fee for each class will be $100.


To sign up for the non-competitive, enrichment Science Olympiad classes:


ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY– Students will learn about the anatomy and physiology of selected body systems, including skeletal, muscular and integumentary systems. 

Wed 7-8pm



CIRCUIT LAB– Students will learn about electricity and magnetism, as well as design and build simple circuits.

Thurs 6-7pm



DISEASE DETECTIVES – Students will use investigative skills in the scientific study of the spread of disease, injury, health and disability in populations.

Thurs 7-8pm



ELASTIC LAUNCHED GLIDER – Students design, construct and test elastic launched gliders to achieve the maximum time aloft.

Wed 7-8pm



GAME ON -Students will design and build an original computer game using the program Scratch, incorporating scientific themes provided by the instructor. 

Thurs 6-7pm



MYSTERY ARCHITECTURE – Teams will be given a bag of building materials and instructions for designing and building a device that can be tested.

Wed 7-8pm



ROLLER COASTERS – Students will design, build, and test a roller coaster track to guide a vehicle that uses gravitational potential energy as its sole means of propulsion.

Thurs 7-8pm



TOWERS & BRIDGES – Students will design and build towers and bridges to achieve the highest structural efficiency.

Wed 7-8pm



Please note that your registration is not complete and your spot in the course is not secured until you receive your PayPal confirmation number.

Non-Competitive Courses

  • Open to all HMS and WJHS students.
  • Eight weeks of classes, beginning December 5 and continuing through February 7 (no classes over Winter Break).
  • Covers range of topics from all STEM disciplines such as Life Sciences, Earth & Space, Physics & Chemistry, or Technology & Engineering.
  • Taught by volunteer experts from our community.
  • Class sizes are limited and fill quickly. If a class is full, make sure to add your name to the wait list.

Questions?  Please contact d39sciolyleaders@gmail.com or 847-853-3939.