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Our Science Olympiad Team advances to States!

25775512845_3c9adfd3ff_kCongratulations to the JV & Varsity Science Olympiad teams for an outstanding performance at Regionals at Harper College! Varsity brought home a 1st place trophy & advances to States at U of I on April 16.

The JV team came in 4th place, which is especially impressive because it was our first time competing for some of the events! No JV teams advance to state.

All competitors have worked very hard this season and their hard work has paid off in many ways. The goals for Science Olympiad nation wide have been fulfilled in our district, and we couldn’t be more proud of the improvement students have shown this season!

Thanks to the competitors, parent and community support, district administrative and curricular support, science teachers, and sponsorship through the Ed Foundation, we have quickly become a (mass times acceleration) to be reckoned with! Please join me in rooting for our Varsity team as they prepare for state!

—Ms. Alison Eakley
Science Olympiad Coach


Varsity (Medals awarded for 1st-6th Place)
1st Place
—Wind Power (Irene X. & Kathy C.)
—Road Scholar (Jake V. & Athena Z.)
—Elastic Launched Glider (Athena Z. & Janice K.)
—Picture This (Kathy C. & Finja S.)
2nd Place
—Invasive Species (Finja S. & Maggie L.)
—Crime Busters (Ben K. & Maggie C.)
—Anatomy & Physiology (Gavin F. & Pranav D.)
—Meteorology (Jake V. & Maggie C.)
—Dynamic Planet (Gavin Y. & Jake V.)
—Green Generation (Maggie L. & Alina S.)
—Bottle Rocket (Ben K. & Irene X.)
3rd Place
—Disease Detectives (Arjun K. & Won Y.)
—Air Trajectory (Gavin Y. & Gavin F.)
4th Place
—Food Science (Finja S. & Pranav D.)
—Crave the Wave (Alina S. & Gavin F.)
—Experimental Design (Arjun K., Won Y, and Pranav D.)
5th Place
—BioProcess Lab (Maggie C. & Maggie L)
—Reach for the Stars (Alina S. & Arjun K.)
—Mission Possible (Ben K. & Athena Z.)
6th Place
—Fossils (Gavin Y. & Won Y.)
—Bridge Building (Maggie C. & Janice K.)

JV (Medals awarded for 1st-3rd Place)
1st Place
—Meteorology (Matt T. & Jeffery C.)
—Crave the Wave (Lucy T. & Karthik S.)
—Write-It/Do-It (Nika C. & Ava N.)
—Picture This (Adam P. & Madison D.)
2nd Place
—BioProcess Lab (Henry D. & Chiara A.)
—Anatomy & Physiology (Karthik S. & Chiara A.)
—Dynamic Planet (Jeffrey C. & Genica Y.)
3rd Place
—Experimental Design (Matt T., Aaron W., Nika C.)
—Mission Possible (Lucy T & Neela C.)

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