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Silver Lining Project

The District 39 Educational Foundation presents The Silver Lining Project:  Celebrating the Unexpected & Rewarding moments During Covid-19.

2020-21 is a school year we will not soon forget. We have slowed down, refocused our perspective and changed the way we live, learn and interact with others.  But from every cloud comes a silver lining. COVID-19 has inspired us to explore new talents, try new things and develop deeper connections with family and community.  What is your Silver Lining?

Your Silver Lining.. Whatever your Silver Lining may be; new skills or the heartfelt experiences you discovered as a result of quarantine, spending time with our families, community and even ourselves. We would like you to share a photograph, drawing, painting, poem or audio file, that expresses your unexpected and rewarding moments during COVID-19.

Inspiration lives on:
All Submissions will be compiled into a bound hardcover book for each school and
the Wilmette Historical Society to document this historical time.