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Grant Funding Evaluation Process

The District 39 Educational Foundation (the Foundation) process by which the funding of grant applications is determined is as follows:

Following the submission deadline for each of the two grant cycles per school year (Fall and Spring), the Recommendations Gripp Grant Committee (RGGC) meets to review each application and make its funding recommendations to the Foundation Board of Trustees at the following regularly scheduled board meeting. This board meeting usually occurs approximately one to two weeks later.

A vote is taken at the board meeting to uphold, alter or not to abide by RGGC’s funding recommendations.

Applicants will be notified of the funding decision with regard to their applications the day following the Board of Trustees meeting, unless that day falls when school is not in session, in which case the date will shift accordingly.

The Educational Foundation does not reimburse for programs or events already funded by the applicant(s) and/or a third party(ies). The Foundation does not retroactively fund programs or events which occur before or on the day of the Board of Trustees meeting.

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