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LAB39 Class Schedule


WELCOME TO LAB39          

  • Open to all HMS and WJHS students.
  • Eight weeks of classes, beginning November 30, 2021 and continuing through February 4, 2022 (no classes over Winter Break).
  • The registration fee is $100. Sorry, no refunds after November 17th, 2021.
  • Classes are held at WJHS.
  • Taught by volunteer experts from our community.
  • Class sizes are limited and fill quickly



Sports Physiology                             Liesel Brown

Want to jump higher and run faster? In this class, you will learn how your body works and functions, and how you can improve your overall health and sports performance.

Planets Near and Far                          Albert Menard

Astronomers have discovered hundreds of planets orbiting stars other than our sun.  In this class you will learn about planets, moons and stars, including Earth, the planet we all call home. The class will use this knowledge to speculate about what planets around other stars might look like.



HUMANatomy                                  Alma Arslanagic

Did you know that the tongue is the strongest muscle in the human body? In this class, you will learn about body systems, including the structure of the parts, what they do, and how they work together.

Science of Sound                          Greg Mayer and Tony Asghari

Have you ever blown across a bottle’s top and wondered how that pleasant sound you hear is made? In this class you will learn about sound waves, vibrations, resonance and pitch as you build musical instruments. This class will also provide an introduction to acoustic engineering. 

Power Up!                           Dan Litchfield

Did you know that renewable power could be the world’s top power source by 2050? In this class, you will build wind turbines and learn about solar and energy storage solutions as you harness power from the wind and the sun and learn about the future of renewable energy



We are still hoping to recruit more parent volunteers to teach classes!

Do you love science? Do you love working with kids?  Then WE NEED YOU!  Please consider volunteering to teach a LAB39 course for the D39 Educational Foundation!  All instructors will receive one free class for a student in their household as a small token of appreciation for their time.

If you are interested in leading a class, please complete the survey through the link below to indicate which courses might be of interest to you, and what days/times you are available.



Questions? Email lab39wilmette@gmail.com