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LAB39 (formerly Science Olympiad)

See what 5th-8th grade Highcrest Middle School and WJHS students have been doing since their LAB39 courses began in December 2019.  They will be excited to show off what they’ve built, activities they’ve done, and lessons they’ve learned!

Courses included Sports Physiology, Do The Cube, Mystery Architecture, Matter Matters, Crave The Wave and more!







Thanks to the dedicated volunteer instructors for their time and effort to make LAB39 such a success.













WPS D39 School District

Science Olympiad Tournament Program


The WPS D39 School District sponsors the Science Olympiad Tournament program. 5th-8thgrade science lovers who would like to represent WPS D39 and compete at invitational and regional competitions around the metro Chicago area can try out for the Varsity or Junior Varsity Science Olympiad teams.  This is a significant commitment for students as they begin practicing in October and compete through March/April.  For more information, please Click here.