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About Us

The District 39 Educational Foundation, a 501c(3) non-profit organization, raises funds for projects that expand, enrich, and complement educational opportunities for the students, staff, and community in District 39. We provide programs and materials through our Gripp Grants that our community is not able to fund with tax dollars alone. The Foundation’s Board of Trustees includes parents, teachers, business owners, and other members of the District 39 community.

The Foundation’s Mission

  • Promote educational innovation and excellence
  • Encourage community involvement and support for education
  • Challenge educators to raise their aspirations for educational programs
  • Increase students’ global awareness and understanding of human diversity
  • Expand opportunities for students to fulfill their varied interests and talents

Foundation Trustees for 2018-2019


Brooke Conkey – Chair
Monica Grubbs – Vice-Chair
Sara McSpedon – Treasurer
Kim Peters – Secretary

Committee Chairpersons

Rebecca Lieber & Michele Coffey – Fundraising Co-Chairs

Julie Adrianopoli – Foundation Strategy Committee Chair

Linda McKenzie – Board Development Chair

Monica Grubbs – Math and Science Chair

Amanda Doblin – Marketing Chair

Mhairi Phillips – Fine Arts Chair

Kristie O’Neill – Gripp Grant Chair

School Liaisons

Meredith Ilg – Harper Liaison
Amanda Doblin – McKenzie Liaison
Kerrie Crawford – WJHS Liaison
Liesel Brown – Highcrest Liaison
Julie Hanahan – Romona Liaison
Carmel Glynn – Central Liaison

Additional Board Members

Kristen Bowie
Mike Cabonargi
Sophie Candido
Kari Cremascoli – Superintendent
Betsy Crosswhite
Nazish Faruqi
Karen Fischer
Tanya Jeong
Cameron Johnson
Darshana Lele
Debbie Lincoln
Dana McLaughlin
Lindsay Shea
Jen Truszkowski
Krystal Verestraete

Honored Lifetime Member

Sam Mikaelian